True Temper Kelly Standard Fire Axe

True Temper Kelly Standard Fire Axe

  • Type: Fire Axe
  • Finish: Mirror Polish
  • Handle: 36" US Hickory picked for grain and character
  • Weight: 6lb head
  • Company: True Temper - Kelly Standard
  • Hand-crafted Sheath: OR leather. Waxed for weather protection. 
Lovingly brought back to life in our Portland, OR workshop, this fire axe has been restored to better than new condition. Fire Axes have an axe edge and pick back-side. Classically used by Firemen to cut, chop, pry, and more. 

Our restoration includes: 1. Rust removal, 2. Reshaping and resharpening of the edges, 3. Mirror finish, 4. Sealing of the axe head, 5. Re-handling to a 100% hickory handle picked for grain, 6. Oiling and shaping of handle, and finally 7. Our hand-crafted custom-fit Oregon leather sheath. We apply a wax protectant on the leather to top it off.

Trust Co Restored Axes are a blank canvas. Every fresh mark is a part of your story. 

Please contact us at to inquiry about our custom wood-burned engravings costs!

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