Pulaski Axe by True Temper - Kelly Works (Refurbished)

Pulaski Axe by True Temper - Kelly Works (Refurbished)

  • Type: Pulaski
  • Finish: Storied, refurbished
  • Handle: 36" US Hickory picked for grain and character
  • Weight: 5lb head
  • Company: True Temper - Kelly Works
  • Hand-crafted Sheath: OR leather. Waxed for weather protection. 

Trust Co axes are found in the PNW and lovingly refurbished in our Portland, OR workshop. The Pulaski is a classic forest fire fighting tool. The Pulaski is two tools in one, bring the chopping of the axe and the digging of an adze/pick. 

Refurbishing aims to maintain the character of the decades of use and weathering of the axe while bring it back to a safe, useable condition. Trust Co refurbishing includes: 1. Rust removal, 2. Reshaping and resharpening of the edges, 3. Sealing of the axe head, 4. Re-handling to a 100% hickory handle picked for grain, 5. Oiling and shaping of handle, and finally 6. Our hand-crafted custom-fit Oregon leather sheath. We apply a wax protectant on the leather to top it off.

Trust Co Refurbished Axes tell a story that you get to carry on.

Please contact us at info@trustco.us to inquiry about our custom wood-burned engravings costs!

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