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    Carry on their story

    Heritage Axes

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        The Trust Pack is HERE!

        Inspired by the axe. Classic by design.

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        Each lovingly restored axe takes time. Pre-order now, to get in line for the next Trust Co Axes. Check out our Adopted Axes under "Stories" to see our previously restored batches.

        Our Story
        Grip. Aim. Trust.

        Heritage. Tradition. Craftsmanship. That’s what stands behind every Trust Co. product.

        Grip. Aim. Trust.

        #DO MORE

        Trust Co. challenges you to restore the callouses to your life. To get out and do more.

        We make modern heritage goods that are meant to be used every day – not to be pretty things you use on special occasions, Make them part of your story, and pass it on.

        ‘Aint nothin’ to it but to do it.”

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